Where’s Tim Allen when I need him?

It appears it’s been a while since I’ve posted to the ol’ unofficial blog. I have been posting on my official blog and over at EMUTalk.org, and I also have been trying to write as much as I can on my sabbatical project. So far, so good.

But Annette and I have also been doing a fair amount of “home improvement” around here too, more than we have done in years. The first big project was painting the front of the house, which I did solo. Well, that’s not completely true; Will painted the window flowerboxes with much protest. But the rest of it was me, and I’m reasonably pleased with how it turned out. I’m going to start on the sides of the house next week I think (weather permitting), but this weekend, Annette and I have to prep to for the dude who is coming on Tuesday to put down some new vinyl flooring down in the kitchen. This means we’ve got to move everything out of there, and we figure we might as well use it as a chance to paint a but in there. And down the line, I think we’ll redo some stuff in the bathroom downstairs, touch up some things in other places, etc., etc.

The original plan was to fix up the house so we can move. But I’m pretty sure that we’re going to be victims of the real estate bubble bursting and we’ll be here for at least the foreseeable future. So now we’re fixing stuff for ourselves mostly, and that’s been relatively satisfying. Though time consuming, too.

Anyway, fingers crossed for the flooring.

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