Congrats to Annette and Stuffed Jalapeños

Sorry I haven’t been around here much this week, but I’ve been busy with the start of school and with stuff around the house (much painting), not to mention preparing for Annette’s book party. Annette’s book, Boys in Children’s Literature and Popular Culture, just came out and Will and I are obviously very proud, along with the great friends and colleagues we had over last night. I forgot to get out a camera to take some pictures, but no one did anything that was too photo-worthy anyway. The cake was very cool though– Rachel made it and it featured a picture of Annette’s book cover that was cool– there was good drinks and conversations, fine cheeses, meatballs, etc.

The biggest hit of the night though were the Stuffed Jalapeños, and I thought I’d share the recipe here. This actually comes from Annette’s mother, which I presume she picked up from her time in the south and not from her German heritage. They are spicy, but not as crazy-spicy as you would think because cooking the Jalapeños very much softens up the heat. Also, I’d recommend using some rubber gloves to prepare these; Annette found out the hard way one time that cutting up a bunch of jalapeños and getting that under nails or in a tiny cut is super-duper unpleasant.

Of course, there is absolutely nothing remotely healthy about these things.

Stuffed Jalapeños

22 to 25 Jalapeños
1 lb breakfast sausage (for example, Jimmy Dean)
1 package cream cheese
1 cup shredded parmesan cheese
1/4 tsp garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste

  • Cut the jalapeños in half long-ways. Hallow out the seeds (I just use a spoon to scoop the stuff out) so you have little jalapeño boats. This is where the gloves very much come in handy.
  • Cook the sausage, making sure that it is broken up into nice and little pieces. Let it cool a bit.
  • Mix up everything else in a bowl. When all of that is well combined, add in the cooked sausage and mix that in well, too.
  • Spoon the cheese/sausage mixture into each jalapeño half/boat/shell, about a half teaspoon per shell, depending on the size of your jalapeños.
  • Put them in a baking dish or a cookie sheet. You can easily make these a day ahead of time and pull them out of the fridge when you’re ready to cook them.
  • Cook them in a 350 degree pre-heated oven for about 12-15 minutes until the cheese on top of them is just starting to turn brown.
  • Eat them.

3 thoughts on “Congrats to Annette and Stuffed Jalapeños”

  1. Yes, those jalapeno boats were a delight! I suggest making twice as many as you were planning to make, too, if you are having these at a party. I managed to get two of them, but I had to act fast!

  2. Awesome party, Steve! I had a great time.

    I stole your jalapeno recipe and posted it on my food blog (but gave you full credit while also making it veggie friendly) There’s a link to the blog on my regular blog. It’s Tastes of Ypsi.

  3. Okay, here’s my recipe for these things:
    1) Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
    2) Take Poppers-brand Cheddar Cheese Jalapenos out of freezer.
    3) Remove Poppers from box and place in metal pan.
    4) Cook in oven according to directions on box.

    Total time for steps 2-4: 13 minutes.

    (And it’s cooking, because it both takes more than three steps AND requires you to add heat.)

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