The ugly ugly pain of the writing process

While browsing around through my feed, I came to this nice collection of WordPress themes from Classy-lookin’ stuff. When I checked out one of the themes, I noticed that this image was their generic “this is what a picture looks like with this theme” picture:

The writing process

I just want to know how these people were able to draw me while I tried to write.

3 thoughts on “The ugly ugly pain of the writing process”

  1. I originally saw this identified with programming, and always thought it specifically addressed trying to compile anything on AIX.

  2. I guess that just goes to show you how close computer programming and the writing process are, right?

  3. I saw this little bloody guy a while ago and thought he was hilarious and touching at the same time. Seeing him again made my evening. I especially like the eyeball boinging out of the frame.

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