Just when I start to work on a book…

… comes a new wave (well, ripple, at least) of articles/reports contemplating new modes of academic publishing.

I have to read all of these things more closely to really comment on them in any detail, but let’s just that I find all of this excitement about the “next great idea” to rescue academic publishing a bit, um, dated. Don’t get me wrong– I think that these projects are great ideas, and they were great ideas 10 or 8 years ago when people in fields like computers and composition and journals like Kairos first started kicking them around, too.

It does make me wonder about the home of my still largely imaginary Blogs as Writerly Spaces project (at this stage of the writing/thinking process, wondering abut who will publish my book is a lot like me wondering how I could spend my lottery winnings). Unless I end up writing something that has mass-market appeal, I suspect that my “book” will be published along the lines of the Rice UP and/or Ithaka models.

One thought on “Just when I start to work on a book…”

  1. Hey Steve,

    Love the redesign, btw. And thanks for plugging Kairos and your webtext! It will never cease to amaze me (although it should) that the marginalization/ignoring of our field still exists despite that C&W is a forerunner in digital publishing for the rest of the humanities….

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