Sophie the stupid dog on my Flip video camera

Annette was out of town most of last week, and because of that (and both of us are just swamped with school and work stuff, really), she overlooked an organized Father’s Day gift for me. So I bought my own: a Flip video camera.

Basically, it’s a small (like the size of a digital camera or a big cell phone) and cheap video camera that can store up to 30 minutes of digital video, which can then be watched on the camera itself, on a TV, or downloaded to a computer. It took some finagling with the format and converters and stuff, but I did ultimately get it to work on my iMac, so I can use it with things like iMovie, too.

Here’s a sample of Sophie the stupid dog chasing a ball. Actually, it’s not so much that Sophie is dumb; she just didn’t say no to me filming her for my blog(s):

No, it’s not professional quality. But basically, these people are looking for the YouTube et al crowd. As far as “family fun” and “movies” goes around here: I can easily see pairing this with my other digital camera for a cool vacation movie in the near future. I can also see this as a pretty handy teaching tool too– but that’s going to be on the official blog later.

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