Fountain (and other home improvement activities)

I have been meaning to post this for a while now, but things have been busy busy busy. In any event, here’s a picture of the fountain that I build for Annette for Mother’s Day. Big flowerpot, hole in the bottom with weird sealant stuff, a pump kit, some rocks, some water plants, some water. That’s about it.

Other home improvement things I performed last week that you might not have guessed I was capable of include the following:

  • Replaced a spark plug in my lawn mower, and now it runs like a champ. (I’m considering going “all the way” at this point by also changing the oil and sharpening the blade).
  • Replaced a broken fluorescent light fixture in our bedroom closet without instructions. Okay, with instructions I had to download from the web, but still.
  • Cleaned garage to the point where my father and father in-law would be proud or at least reasonably happy. This involved, among other things, taking back about $30 worth of cans and bottles.
  • Managed (finally!) to get rid of the back seat from the van that was stolen from the street in front of our house a few years back. How? I put it out on the curb and a couple days later, a couple dudes in a pick-up came and got it. Indeed, I am considering an experiment in which we keep putting junk out on the curb and see how long it takes for it to be claimed by some wondering junk man/collector.
  • Much gardening, which may or may not be “manly,” depending on your POV.

So far though, I have not managed to finish the home improvements around this site, as you can see. But this will happen sooner than later, I hope.

One thought on “Fountain (and other home improvement activities)”

  1. I put stuff by the curb a couple years ago and then was sitting on my porch as a car stopped to grab it all. The extremely obese woman in the passenger seat told her very young son to “get out and grab that thing, and grab that other thing too. I don’t know what it is, but grab it.” It was strange.

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