Apple enthuiast with 100 Macs

Gosh, and my wife gives me a hard time for my snowglobe collection– imagine if I went down this path?

Apple enthusiast has quite a core collection

Here’s a quote:

He’s got 99 computers. No, wait. Make that 100. He just got another last night, he said during a recent visit to his home about 35 miles west of St. Louis. Dozens of his Apple Macintosh computers are on display down here, a techie’s dream party pad.

Mehrle, 29, appears to recognize that there’s an inherent, well, geekiness to his computer collection, but he’s got a sense of humor about it. Perhaps at this level of commitment, it’s actually geek chic.

His bar is made out of 30 Mac Classics arranged next to and on top of each other. Guests can drink at the bar, “but no one ever does,” he noted. (Just imagine how much technology could be destroyed with just one spilled drink.)

The basement is wired with 20-amp circuits. He doesn’t just display his computers, he runs them when guests come over. Classic screen savers, like flying toasters with wings, flutter across screens. When friends stop by, they can play old-school games like StarCraft on machines networked together.

At one point, we had two or three “dead macs” in our basement but no microwave.  Go figure.

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