Weather Babies, part 2

A couple weeks ago, I complained about what I referred to as the “weather babies” of the Ypsi School District (and all the other districts in the area) that canceled school just because of a little ice. Well, the weather babies have struck again. School was canceled today due to the cold, and, as I found out via an automated phone call just about 20 minutes ago, it will be canceled tomorrow, too.


Look, I don’t want to get all “when-I-was-a-kid-we-walked-through-snow-up-to-our necks” on everyone, but the idea of canceling school just because it’s cold, well, I think that’s silly. I mean, school is an indoor activity, people!

But I also fully admit that much of this attitude comes from my hearty Iowa upbringing. It is always colder in my hometown of Cedar Falls, sometimes considerably colder. It doesn’t happen often, but every other year or so, it doesn’t get above zero in Cedar Falls for about a week (and it is fairly common for it to stay below freezing in my northern Iowa homeland for 40 days or longer in the dead of winter). Do they cancel school? Hell no! Not unless things have changed a lot. Snow, ice, tornadoes– those are reasons to cancel school. Too cold? Put on a freakin’ sweater.

So c’mon, SE Michigan weather babies (because it seems that every school district in this part of the state has already canceled classes for tomorrow), toughen up a bit! It ain’t that bad.

Oh, and a PS: at least the Ypsi school district decided to call at 10:20 instead of at their usual 5 am. Unless they decide to call tomorrow morning too….

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  1. I had to get rid of the old blog. I made a new one though. It’ll be basically the same. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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