Those foul-mouthed Austrians

I stumbled across this page at, where I learned that in Austria, there is a town named “Fucking.”

A few things I’ve learned here:

  • The tool I used to “Stumble Upon” this site, which is and which Linda AK showed me today, is very cool and addictive.
  • Here’s another place I’ll need to go before I die.
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3 Responses to Those foul-mouthed Austrians

  1. Andre says:

    Yeah, I don’t get it. I grew up in Northern Michigan on Lake Michigan. Petoskey got snow in feet not inches and we were cold all the time. Snow days weren’t that common and the idea of a “Cold Day” would have gotten people laughed out of town. It’s absolutely absurd.

  2. Heidi says:

    Hey, I turned L AK onto stumbleupon, which was passed on to me by my colleague Tom, who’d heard about it from a student in his digital rhetoric class…love how stuff spreads. It’s completely addicting, isn’t it? And I’m also *loving* — I actually remember to get some music going now that it’s in my bookmarks. Oh and now there’s all the new plug-ins for Firefox…so much to do! Looks like I need a winter break.

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