I wonder if Mashup Camp is for me?

Via Anne 2.0,I learned this morning a bit about something called Mashup Camp. Truth be told, I found this rather indirectly on Anne’s blog since her entry is mostly about getting to the airport.

After being sucked into the title, I quickly have learned that Mashup Camp is not for me. Probably. This is much more of a computer programmer/software developer kind of affair, and not so much about content. It certainly doesn’t seem to be about education. Of course, maybe this is something these people could use at this conference….

Beyond all that, one thing I very much like is the use of a wiki for providing content about the conference itself. Just a little hunting around here reveals some “about” info, the layout of the conference, schedules, sponsors, etc., etc., and also some links to the mashup pieces of software that are subject of the conference. A good use of a wiki for sure.

Begin Snarky Comment Of course, the CCCCs has this awesome blog… End Snarky

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