What a bunch of weather babies!

I write this after being hazily and partly awoken at about 5:15 am or so this morning.  It turned out to be the Ypsilanti school district calling (automated, of course) announcing that school was canceled.  As I listen to the radio now, I am hearing that they’ve canceled classes in Ann Arbor and lots of other places in Washtenaw County, too.

So, winter is finally here, you’re thinking, right?  Barely, as far as I can tell.  It’s in the 20s– hardly even what would normally be called “cold” around here in January– and there is barely a dusting of snow.  Granted, there is some ice and such out there, but that’s what road salt is for.  But the forecast for the day is just for a typical winter day.

All I can think of is that it has taken only about a month or two of unseasonably warm winter weather for the whole state to turn into a bunch of weather babies.  I haven’t seen such an exhibition of weather weakness since I lived in Virginia.  Sheesh.

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