Christmas in Florida (part 2)

To be honest, I have nothing really to share here that’s too interesting. Since my last Florida Christmas post (which included details on our trip into the the Everglades), I’ve left Annette’s parents house/neighborhood compound only a handful of times. Annette and I went out to dinner at a very nice place one night (on a gift certificate from her parents– thanks again!), and then we wondered around the fancy-pants area of third street. We all went out to a fine restaurant that was an Italian place and sushi bar (a better Italian restaurant than it was a sushi bar, but still…), followed by a night of looking at “tacky” Christmas lights in a neighborhood known for them.

Christmas eve is the traditional family night with the Wannamakers, and we did the usual things followed by watching commie propaganda filmIt’s a Wonderful Life. Tonight, we had a lovely dinner and were joined by a local friend of the in-laws in good and festive fun.

To be honest, most of my time (other than what was mentioned above) has been spent working on things for school– progress has been made, but much more has to be done.

Oh, and I am no officially sick of Christmas music. The station we’ve been listening to here for our Christmas music needs seems to have a tape loop and/or iPod-type shuffle set-up with a fairly limited selection. I think I’ve heard the Bruce Springsteen version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” about 15 times.

Anyway, as the season comes to a close, feel free to visit these fine list of links at boing-boing, here and here. Annette and I are going for an overnight get-away to South Beach, so I’m sure I’ll have pictures and stories to report in a couple of days.

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