Christmas in Florida (part 1)

Christmas in Florida

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Christmas in Florida is always a somewhat odd time because, well, it’s Florida (southern Florida at that), so seeing Christmas-y type stuff is always a little out of place. Like seeing ornaments hanging from a palm tree, for example.

Still, I’ll take this over the snow and/or rain and/or general ickiness that is going on in Ypsi right now.

Anyway, I have created a flickr set for the trip I am sure I’ll be adding to periodically. The link to it is right here.

Right now, most of what is there are photos from our trip to the Billie Swamp Safari, which is on the Seminole Reservation and run by (guess who!) the Seminole Indians. I must say it was quite the hoot of good ol’ boy Florida redneck fun. We went on an airboat ride (earplugs required), a swamp buggy ride (which was this bus-like thing about 10 feet off the ground), and saw a “critter show” that included Will holding a baby alligator. Ironically enough, after the show, we went to the cafe they have on sight and sampled some deep fried alligator nuggets, which Will in particular found to be excellent.

Oh, and Will and I visited with the swamp version of Santa. All in the pictures. Go and check ’em out.

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