The best damn gallon of milk ever

I came across this via my friend Chris, who sent it around in an email. I have no idea how he got it. In any event, apparently it’s possible to buy Tuscan Milk from the gourmet food section of Now, while we’re kind of picky about our milk around here (I avoid milk products with bovine growth hormone), It’s never even occurred to me to mail-order milk.

It seems like a lot of people commenting on about Tuscan Milk feel pretty much the same way, and, as a result, there are many over-the-top funny reviews here on this page for the milk. I agree with my friend Chris; the second one is especially funny.

After doing a Google search on this, I realize that this Tuscan Milk thing has sort of spun out of control. See, for example:

Ah, that crazy internets….

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5 Responses to The best damn gallon of milk ever

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  2. Christopher Weuve says:

    Steve wrote:
    “Ah, that crazy internets….”

    It’s a series of tubes, you know.

  3. Bill H-D says:

    This is the type of event that restores my faith in humanity, as the collective power of people to take the idea of product reviews well beyond thier absurdist limit is such a delightful thing.

  4. Andre says:

    Tuscan Milk Rave Party…

    Ain’t nothing like Italian milk and a few hits of ecstasy. Partying ’til the sun comes up!

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