RIP, Ed Bradley/Conversation with Will about this…

I was sad to hear that Ed Bradley died. I have been watching 60 Minutes forever– probably since I was at least Will’s age because it was a show that my father in particular always watched. I’ve always liked Ed, the “younger, more hip” of a crowd of reporters who in reality haven’t been young or hip in quite some time. I mean, even Bradley was 65. Anyway, I appreciated his reporting, enjoyed his NPR radio shows on jazz music, etc.

So, we were talking about this in the car on the way home last night after a fairly quiet family evening out to celebrate Annette’s birthday.

Me: I heard Ed Bradley died.

Will: Was he the old and crazy guy?

Me: They’re all kind of old, Will.

Will: The old and crazy guy who says stuff at the end.

Annette: Andy Rooney?

Will: Yeah, Andy Rooney! I like that guy.

Annette: Why?

Will: Because always says all this crazy stuff at the end of the show, it’s crazy stuff but actually is kind of true. It’s weird.

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  1. Andre says:

    I took Andy Roony in the celebrity death pool. I never thought Ed Bradley would go first.

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