Introducing… The Krause Kam!

What does a boy do who has his office robbed of computer equipment? Why, he goes out and buys more computer equipment! In this case, I decided to buy an iSight camera which I am currently using as a webcam in my office– see This is still a work in progress, and I have it set up right now in motion sensative mode, and since no one is in my office right now (hopefully), all you’ll see is me trying to leave yesterday afternoon, the last motion it detected.

As just a webcam, the iSight camera is a little pricey. The problem I ran into though was to use a cheapy cam for a PC, I would have had to do a fair number of hacks in terms of drivers and such to make it work on my Mac. And in the end, I just bought the iSight. Plug it in and it works, and I am using a very cheap webcam software called KeyCamX that has features like motion detection, the ability to automatically ftp images to my server, and even set off an alarm noice.

And I also decided it was worth the extra money to have a camera that has a lot of other uses, such as capturing simple video and as a bar scanner for programs like Delicious Library. That’s a Monday purchase, I think.

So what the heck.

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