97 (sort of…)

First off, my apologies to those folks– namely, Bill HD and Bradley– who had posted comments on previous posts that didn’t end up getting posted until now. They were being held up for moderation for some reason, along with all the other “I like your site!!!” spam messages. They are there now, I think.

Second, the heart of the matter here: I got a 9 today playing at Hickory Sticks Golf Course, just 2 behind Steve B. (who wasn’t playing that well today since he’s adjusting to new clubs). The best round of 18 on a “real golf course” I have probably ever had, frankly.

However, in the interest of coming clean and of not getting caught up in some sort of doping scandal, I will confess up-front to my “scoring alterations:”

  • On the first tee, I hit one and had not a clue as to where it went, so I hit another. The general “friendly rule” in the group of folks I play with is you can always hit a second ball of the first tee if you want. So I did.
  • I played a mulligan on number 9 and number 18. Again, in our group, this is a standard practice.

Now, I point these “alterations” out there in large part because my golf colleague, Steve B., who usually beats me by 10 or more strokes, and who today was trailing me by a stroke or two as late as the 14th hole, was grousing a bit about our group’s my fluid standards for score keeping. Never mind Steve B.’s own mulligans, etc.

In any event, it was still a good round for me. Kind of a shame that I’m “peaking” this late in the golf season though….

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