How’s my spring/summer to do list going?

A couple of different people have commented to me about my rather ambitious spring/summer to do list. So I thought I’d post a bit of an update on how it’s going:

  • Lose weight. It’s going a bit better. Depending on the scale, etc., I’m down about 8 to 9 pounds. I’ve been hitting the gym a bit more regularly now. Slow but steady, I suppose….
  • Write book about eating. I’ve done a bit, but not much. I’ve been spending more time actually reading about competitive eating, and I kind of feel like that’s helping me think about a novel version of it all. And lately, I’ve been thinking more about a book proposal on blog writing, which is something that is more of an “official” and/or professional writing project.
  • Get up stupid early. Well, no and yes. I basically can’t get enough sleep if I get up that early every day, so I’ve been setting the alarm at 5 am three or so days a week. I normally just wake up by about 6:30 anyway.
  • Not touching the computer on Sundays. Well, given that I’m typing this on Sunday, that’s obviously gone out the window. Maybe I’ll get back to that sooner than later….
  • House cleaning, house maintenance. Some progress on this one. I rearranged half of the basement (the other half is still a bit of a mess) and we’ve made quite a bit of progress on the yard. I don’t think I’ll be painting until after we get back from Europe at the earliest, though.
  • Italian phrases. Eh, not yet. Maybe when we get closer to actually going. I kind of think that we need to start doing a bit more planning of what we’re going to do when we get there though. I had a student who went to Europe last year and he bought all of his tickets for different museums and such online; seems like an idea to me….

3 thoughts on “How’s my spring/summer to do list going?”

  1. hey, okay, if you stopped messin’ with my laptop, I wouldn’t be logged in under your i.d. — And, oh, btw, have I mentioned lately that my book is DONE?! I think it is starting to sink in. My one and only summer goal is to not be writing a book. ahhhhhh. — Anet

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