I wonder if EMU administrators will be my facebook friend?

Bob Whipple sent me an email a few days back about the president at Colorado College, Dick Celeste, reflecting on Facebook on his blog. First off, I think his reflections here seem similar to mine. Facebook doesn’t bother me as much as MySpace, I guess because these are college-aged students, because it’s limited to a particular school (at least I think that’s how it works; someone correct me if I’m wrong here), and because it is a lot more aesthetically pleasing to me than MySpace.

MySpace pages really are interestingly ugly, what with all the silly backgrounds and odd colors and music files. But I digress.

Second, it’s nice to see a college administrator– president of the place, no less!– take a look at what all the students are in to as opposed to just dismiss it.

And third, it’s pretty cool that this guy keeps a blog he appears to update on a fairly regular basis.

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