“I am the most beautiful dog in the world”

I stumbled across this while reading one of my student’s blogs just now. I think it’s funny, especially in relation to our dog, who is just the most spastic dog in the world, which would be hard to capture in a comic. Annette and I went for a walk on this nature path in Ann Arbor, and we decided to take the little spaz with us. I tried to take some decent pictures, but that never worked out. Sophie got twice the workout of us, zigging and zagging, and just about pulled both of our arms out of our sockets pulling on the leash. She spent much time choking herself to the point of turning her tongue a slightly pale shade of blue.

All that excitement has left her with some sort of, er, tummy issues. I hope she’s not pooping too much in the house while we’re both away….

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