Playing with my new digital camera

Sophie on bed

I bought a digital camera yesterday, an Olympus FE-130. I was in the market for a $200 or less camera, and I got this one at Costco for about $175, which is about $30-40 less than I had seen similar cameras. Here’s a picture of Sophie, pretty much the only one around here who would let me take a picture of them.

It’s certainly not a fancy-pants camera, but it’s small, it takes some nice snapshot-style pictures, and it even can take short and somewhat low-quality movies. Here’s one I took this morning of an increasingly reluctant Sophie— it’s funny, it’s a MOV file, and it’s abut 8 MB.

This thing didn’t come with a memory card, and I will probably buy one because otherwise, I will have to work with the 25 MB harddrive built into tht camera itself. But I might not buy one because I also stopped by the Apple store yesterday and bought a do-hickey that can connect my camera to my iPod Photo and download the images. Apple’s web site that describes which cameras work with this device is a little fuzzy, so I took my iPod into Costco and persuaded a guy in the store to see if the camera I wanted to buy would work with it. (Though as far as I can tell, this thing would probably work with any camera that connects to a computer with a USB cable, which is pretty much any digital camera). So we plugged the store’s display camera into my iPod and bingo, it worked. The Costco’s comment was “wow, that’s pretty slick.”

The goal here is to be able to take the camera and the iPod on our upcoming European vacation and to be able to manage pictures without a laptop. We’ll see how it works.

One thought on “Playing with my new digital camera”

  1. no, I’m not stealing your identity. You still haven’t shown me how to get your stooopid log-in thingy off my computer and I’m too lazy to putz around to change it myself. . . . . Anyhow, the video of Sophie is so funny. (I suppose only to those of us who know her very well). What a spaz of a dog we have! — Anet

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