Rites of Spring a bit early?

Today it was about 65 or so degrees out, and in this neck of the woods and at this time of the year, that’s usually time to run around outside half-naked and rejoice at the end of winter. Of course, we’ve had a pretty mild winter this year. Oh, and also of course, what inevitably happens when we have a “warm snap” like this is it snows about a week or two later.

Anyway, besides watching the Hawks win the Big Ten tourney and making my NCAA picks (I’ve got Connecticut winning it all, but just for the hell of it, I picked Iowa to go to the final four), I went out and hit a bucket of golf balls at the newly remodeled Miles of Golf. Not that there is really a whole lot of “remodeling” that needs to be done to the driving range part of the operation.

It felt pretty good swinging a club after not doing so for around four or five months. I was hitting them about as well (or as poorly) as I was in the fall. Two thoughts occurred to me. First, not this summer (because I’m once again going to be out of town for too much of it and because of other things coming up) but some summer, I’m going to take some golf lessons. Second, my goal this year is not to worry so much about the “long game,” mainly because without something in the way of lessons, I don’t really see myself hitting the ball a whole lot further than I do right now. Rather, I need to concentrate on the short game: approaches, chips, putts. Unfortunately, that’s kind of hard to practice at a range.

Anyway, after things settle down in April, I’ll be back out. Unless it snows.

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