The Unit is awesome…

I don’t usually blog about TV shows specifically, but I just got done watching the premiere of The Unit, which is a show on CBS about a military unit sort of along the lines of “Delta Force,” though this particular unit, which appears to be made up of four people, is one of those so secret that it doesn’t officially exist kinds of deals.

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I suspect that the “reality” of this show is closer to the reality of secret military operations than, say CSI is to forensic investigation. I mean, I think CSI is a great show and everything, but Jesus, can’t these people turn on some damn lights or something?

I digress.

In the first episode of The Unit, we see the team do all kinds of cool military things to thwart a terrorist attack while they jump back and forth to the wives of the older and more experienced Unit folks coax the new wife into the fold.

Well, that’s not a very good description, is it? But trust me, it’s a good show. Check it out next week.

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  1. Rogers says:

    You damn skippy bro, that is a badass freaking show. Put the word out so they dont cancel it. Later.

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