Zoo visit and Logan’s Run

Where is everyone?

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This past weekend, Annette’s parents were in town in lieu of coming up here on Thanksgiving. We had a nice time, though one of the challenges of entertaining the parents/in-laws is finding something new for them to do after they have been here a zillion times.

Anyway, among other things, we went to the Toledo Zoo on Saturday. We arrived at just shy of 4 pm, which was a kind of odd time for this time of year. The zoo closes at 4 pm, and technically, folks have an hour to clear out. However, the zoo re-opens at 5 pm from this past weekend through Christmas for the light display, which is certainly worth the trip by itself. But Will wanted to actually see some animals at the zoo (go figure), and we didn’t want to be out too late.

Our timing turned out to be excellent. First off, we saw some cool animal activites– they were feeding the seals when we arrived, and we also so the wolves quite a bit more active and visible than they usually are. Second, we had the place almost completely to ourselves, at least until folks started showing up for the lights, which is a pretty big deal at the Toldeo Zoo every year. And it’s worth the trip, actually. It’s kind of fun walking around a dark and chilly zoo, looking at lights of animals instead of actual animals.

While we were walking around, I saw a sign that said “carousel.” You know how sometimes you have those weird juxtapositions in your head about things? There we were, walking around these monumental-like zoo buildings, more or less alone, and I thought wow, kinda like Logan’s Run. Remember that flick? I remember that movie really creeping me out, as it probably should have since it was in the theaters about 30 years ago. Anyway, remember the scenes toward the end where they are wondering around the ruins of Washington, D.C.? That’s what it was like.

Something to think about on your next trip to the zoo….

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