Comedy Hijinks Ensued

As part of Annette’s birthday week, we went to the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase Friday night. Annette’s wanted to go to this place for a show for a while now. Personally, I wasn’t against going, but I wasn’t for going either. It’s just not one of those things that was high on my to do list.

But we did have a fun time. The AA Comedy Showcase is in the basement of Seva and has that black, grungy interior that I suspect (from what I’ve seen on Comedy Central, at least) is the default decor of comedy clubs everywhere. The 8 pm show we attended was a non-smoking event, which was a good thing because the dark basement space looked to me like like it would be pretty unpleasant for the smoking shows.

The first joke of the night was when Annette asked to see the wine list. They did have other bar items and fine popcorn, though.

The “main act” that night was Maryellen Hooper, though there was also an “MC” (who told a few jokes, told us to tip our waitstaff, and told us we where we were supposed to exit after the show) and a brief “opening act” (who I thought was pretty lame). Hooper is someone who looks vaguely familiar from various comedy shows, though I can’t say I remember actually ever seeing her on TV.

I don’t really have much more of a review other than she was funny. Lots of jokes about her adopted baby, her husband, boys versus girls, etc., etc. Clean stuff, pretty much. Anyway, a fun night, not crazy expensive (well, the drinks weren’t cheap), definitely something I’d do again.

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