Will, the next Pele?

Well, the Hawkeyes (and, in my opinion, the referees) pissed away a game against the most evil Michigan Wolverines, but at least Will’s soccer team won. Not that they keep statistics on 8 year-olds playing soccer, but that puts his team at 2-2, with one more game for the year.

Soccer has turned out to be a fun sport for Will to play and it is a lot more fun than basketball for Annette and I to watch. For one thing, Will is better at soccer than he is at basketball– actually, all the kids are better at soccer than they were at basketball. For another, I think the fellow parents and such are a lot more fun than was the case in basketball, quite a bit more pleasant, too.

A couple more pictures of the action:

Will taking the kick

Here’s Will taking an out of bounds kick.

Will coming off defense

And here’s Will coming off of defense– he’s kind of in the background there. Note that it is impossible to escape the presence of the U of Michigan football colors, even at a kiddie soccer game.

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