Toothlessness/Soccer Game

Two Will events as of late:

Toothless Will
Will FINALLY lost one of his front teeth, as you can see here. I’m not sure why, but Will hasn’t lost a lot of teeth at this point, even though a lot of kids his age have lost plenty more. This particular front tooth had been loose for weeks and weeks and weeks and still it hung in Will’s mouth. So finally, a couple nights ago, I told Will that if he pulled it out– tonight– I would take him to Dairy Queen. Well, that was enough of an incentive. He wiggled and tugged and twisted that thing until it finally came out and we went and had a couple of chocolate sundaes.

Oh, and Will is VERY proud of the fact that this tooth is missing.

Will in Soccer uniform

In other Will news, today was Will’s team’s first soccer game of the season. Here’s Will in his uniform before we left for the game. I intended to take pictures at the game but I forgot and was too busy watching and cheering. Will’s youth league soccer is kind of interesting. They play 4 on 4 without a goalie, and it would probably be best described as a “pack” game: eight little kids following around the ball sort of like moths around a swinging lightbulb. It was fun– probably more fun than watching 7-8 year olds play basketball.

Will’s better at soccer than he is at basketball, too. I think he’s probably in the “top half” his 8 person team. Of course, when I asked Will on his way to the game today if he would rather play basketball or take swimming lessons, he immediately said swimming. Which is fine– I think that Will is still searching out his interests, which is fun to watch.

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