Steve B. and I played golf yesterday at Hickory Sticks, one of the usual places we play around here. Besides being a fun and challenging course, it also runs great coupon specials. We played Friday for $25 apiece for “all the golf you can play.” We actually started by playing the back 9 first, but the highlight was the round of 18 after this “warm up” 9. Steve B. had an 89 (only his second or third time under 90, I believe) and I had a 99, the first time I have ever broke 100 for 18 holes. As you can see in this picture, I started the 10th hole with a 9 (yipee for me), but then I rallied with three pars in a row and with no more screw-ups on any other hole. So, 47 for the back 9 plus 52 for the front 9 equals 99.

*Well, okay, a few qualifications of all this. Neither Steve B. nor I were exactly playing by official PGA rules at all times. We follow the “1 mulligan per 9 holes” rule (for non-golfers: this means you can take one “do-over” on a messed-up drive). We also follow the “that’s a gimmie” rule, wherein if the person putting is informed by the other player(s) that said putt is a “gimmie,” it doesn’t really matter if the putter makes the putt or not. On the last hole, I missed my putt after Steve B. called “gimmie,” but because gimmie was called, I stand by my 99. And truth be told, we played about as honest as we ever do. Or let me put it this way: we didn’t follow the sort of “non-rules” Jim K. and I used to observe when we were really bad a few years ago and we’d just keep taking “do-overs” until we were reasonably happy with the results. And we’d still end up with 120s.

5 thoughts on “99*”

  1. Absolutely, though time is running short on this season. Really, I didn’t have time to play yesterday, and I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to play again this fall. Though “time” is a relative concept, doncha know.

  2. Ok, now you’ve extended your “rolling mulligan” concept too far. Don’t like your first nine? hell, let’s just play 27!

    I say your reall score is the first 18 you played. After that, you shot a 47 – a score you can still be proud of, but alas, only a nine hole score.

    Otherwise, I am going to declare that I once shot an 84. Last sunday, you see, I shot a 41 for nine at Indian Hills. And last summer, in Ohio, I once shot a 43 for nine at Locust Hills GC. Yes, my front nine was seperated from my back nine by a year, but if we can put any old nine we have laying around with any other…well…thats an 84.


  3. Oh, no-no-no….

    For starters, my score was based on 18 holes in a row at the same course. I started on the first hole and finished on the 18th. The fact that I played 9 holes before that is irrelevant.

    As for your 84: I don’t think so, bucko.

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