Howdy, EMU Student Government!

Just last night (actually, it looks like the middle of the night– those students) I had a comment on my post about OS 10.4 asking me to link to the EMU Student Government blog. Consider it done, Bobby! I think it’s a good idea for the student government to have a blog space like this– I wish the faculty council would do the same thing, though I’m not expecting it anytime soon.

One thought on “Howdy, EMU Student Government!”

  1. Thanks Professor Krause! We appreciate it very much.

    As you most likely know, I find it increasingly more difficult to get a chance to relax and read news until late at night, which is when I happened to stumble upon your blog. Hence, middle of the night.

    It would be interesting to see Faculty Council of the AAUP post a blog…we’re just starting to get the hang of ours.


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