Three minor thoughts about this whole Fulkerson thing….

Thought #1:

While I admire greatly the earnestness associated with the posts on this this Fulkerson essay in the CCCs, I just can’t bring myself to read that essay right now. I’m sort of in summer break mode, and it seems too much like work to me. Get back to me in a week or so.

Thought #2:

If I were in charge of this carnival (and obviously this is not the case), I might be inclined to get people to think about/write about the article “The Ecoomics of Authorship: Online Paper Mills, Student Writers, and First-Year Composition” by Kelly Ritter. Of course, I haven’t read this article yet either (see thought #1), but it sounds more interesting to me. At least the title.

Thought #3:

I sure hope Collin does something like this with the new and forthcoming version of the CCCs Online. I think it would be super-duper cool to have a forum where readers could comment on articles in the print journal in a format like this.

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