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Today was the annual Normal Park Neighborhood yard sale. This is a big deal in our neighborhood, with dozens and dozens of sales going on all at the same time. A lot of years, folks use this as a chance to sell hot dogs and sodas and the whole bit.

Personally, I’m not much of a fan of yard sales, mainly because I rarely find anything worth buying and selling things means dealing with “the public” in my front yard. But we were very much in need to get rid of a bunch of stuff, especially Will. No, no, I don’t mean Will, I mean Will’s stuff. Annette and Will have gone through mounds and mounds of old kiddie toys that were piling up in the basement.

The deal was Will got to keep the money for his things that he sold. In the interest in not creating any tax problems, I won’t say how much he made exactly, but let’s just say it was worth it to him. Us too; I think we made enough to pretty much pay for our dinner tonight at the Common Grill (it’s our 11th anniversary, so we figure we deserve it).

Here’s Will in front of just some of his many kiddie toys for sale…

… and here’s a picture of Will “wheeling and dealing.”

A few other miscellaneous yard sale moments:

  • Someone bought our old gas grill right away this morning at about 9 am for the ridiculously low price of $10 and said he’d be back in an hour to pick it up; however, as of 2 pm, he hasn’t returned. At this point, I’d pay someone to just come and haul the thing away. Update: the dude showed up and took it, so hurray!
  • About a dozen people came up to the old golf clubs I had for sale and said “aww, left-handed…” and walked away. Except one punk who just wanted to buy the driver, I suspect to use to break things.
  • No takers on the car bench seat, all that remains from the stolen minivan (but the memories, of course). As you can see from the picture of Annette, it’s pretty comfortable, so maybe we’ll keep it and bring it out for parties or something.

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