36 Holes is a bit too much…

There’s a golf course around here called Hickory Sticks that I play at on a fairly regular basis because it’s a nice course (hilly, challenging, but still a kind of “intermediate” course) and also because they have some pretty good deals for greens fees. Yesterday, Steve B. and I took advantage of such a deal: $50 for two players, all the golf you can play. $25 apiece is a pretty good deal for 18 holes around here; the question we had was could we “pig out” on golf, become the proverbial fat guys at the all-you-can-eat buffet who tries to put ’em out of business with their gluttony?

Okay, I exaggerate a smidge.

My play (and I think Steve B.’s too, though he was not in his usual form all day, really) declined during the day, though it started with a 49 on the front 9, the lowest score for 9 on a “real course” I’ve had in quite a while, maybe ever. I had a 56 for the back 9 (I think), salvaging a very respectable (for me) 105 for the round. The third 9 wasn’t as good, and by the time the fourth 9 came around, well, we were tired, we decided to have some beers while playing, and there were some assholes hitting into us behind us, too.

A fine time overall, though I don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime too soon. This was (obviously) an all-day deal, and I just don’t have that kind of free-time, even in the summer. At least not right now.

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