New clubs are fun, but…

… they ain’t much help with my game yet.

I’ve been out a few times with these new golf clubs a few times now: once for 9 (just me, just at Hickory Woods, which is a goofy-little par 3 sorta course that has the attraction of costing $10 and easy to finish in about 2 hours), and twice for 18: once with Steve B. and Bill HD at Hickory Sticks, and once yesterday with Steve B. and Craig. A few things I’ve learned recently:

  • No more playing in the rain. I wasn’t myself after Thursday’s round until a nice long hot shower took away the cold numbing my fingers and toes. By the way: it figures that today, when I have lots of family plans and commitments, the weather is beautiful.
  • During both of these rounds, I had pretty good front nines, and I had absolutely crapola back nines. For example, yesterday I shot a 51 on the front and a 64 on the back. Ick.
  • My new Adams Redline three wood is the best club I bought. No question.
  • I kind of need to relearn how to hit with these new clubs. I’m not entirely sure why, but I seem to be hooking all of my irons, though when I hit them (or my woods) right, I realize that I frequently line up kind of cock-eyed. In other words, I’ll hit the ball straight, but still not where I want it to go.
  • It doesn’t matter if I drive well, hit the ball from the fairway well, and putt decent. If I’m going to have three dumb-ass little chips around the green, I’m still going to do badly.
  • Even with all of this, the new clubs are fun. When I hit the ball well (and I have hit the ball well a number of times), I look and feel like I know what I’m doing. There’s a feel from these clubs, at that short moment when you make contact with the ball, that is somehow much more satisfying than I had with my previous (and quite old) golf clubs.
  • I just got to practice a bit more so I have that feeling more often. Which will be fun.

    One thought on “New clubs are fun, but…”

    1. I see how this works now. I tell you sh*t, and you post it on your blog. No attribution. Who told you new clubs would force you to become more conscious of your swing? Can’t have people starting to think you can think ;-) But seriously, your 3 wood was probably your best shot before you got the new clubs, aside from chipping and putting. You would frequently hit your make-up shot farther than your drive. It’s no surprise you would be hitting that well. And whining about the rain. Try pants when it’s 60 degrees and rainy. And all this to somehow excuse your losing it and losing to Craig. Pitiful. It was getting painful for ME, watching you look up an flub chip after chip, when I *wanted* you to. Sad. ‘course I need to get more consistent too. Four pars on the back and I still shot 45? Par or double-bogey? Yuk. Seems you’ve played well on fronts and I have on the back. Maybe we should be taking turns. So will you be getting this on an RSS feed? I’ll have to set that up with Tiger on the other computer so I can remain a “loyal” reader . . .

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