Getting bitten by the wordpress bug?

Okay, now I’m curious and I might dash off an email to the blog mailing list I’m on after this:

I figured out how to install WordPress (which was easy after I figured out what I was supposed to to with my config file), and I have something running here, I have to say, I’m intrigued because there are a lot of neat features. But I am also full of questions. For example:

  • Can I use one software install of wordpress to run two different blogs on the same server? How would I do that? Or do I have to have two different versions of wordpress installed? And if I do that, can I have just one of my two databases running both versions of wordpress?
  • How’s the spam with wordpress? If it’s anything like the old MT, it’s a non-starter for me….
  • Has anyone tried to import all of their blogger entries into a wordpress blog? With success?

I know I have other questions, but this is enough for now. In the meantime, I must say that I am so far finding wordpress to be bizarrely easy. Maybe too easy….

Update (May 18):

I took the plunge on wordpress for my unofficial blog, which is located here. I managed to convert all the blogger posts over to the wordpress format, too. I lost comments, I should go through and categorize things, and not all the links work anymore; other than that, I thought the transition went pretty smoothly, actually. Check it out.

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