WiFi in Florida (sorta)

I’m writing this from my in-laws in Florida, wirelessly. It’s just not my network.

I actually brought my wireless router with me, but I for one reason or another can’t get the thing to work on my father-in-law’s computer. He has a cable modem a bit different than mine and a somewhat older computer, and I could have easily screwed something up with my router before I left town. I think I managed to change the administrator name and password to something I don’t remember anymore. Smart, huh?

Anyway, while walking around this housing complex/development with the in-laws, we ran into the neighbors who have WiFi. “Sure, jump on to mine if you want.” Which I have done. It’s a weak signal, and I’m not sure it would actually work inside the house (of course, with this kinda weather, why do I want to work inside, anyway?), but at least it works. Sorta.


Or, more accurately, I got the router to work. I looked online, found out there was a “reset button” (who knew?) hit that, and whammo, I’m online. Cool; now I have a chance to surf the web (and, more importantly, get some school work done) by the pool. And I’ll post some Florida holiday picts, too.

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