"Computer stuff" and the Modern Language Association

Let’s say you’re like me: you find yourself going to this year’s MLA Convention in Philadelphia, but you’re not a “literature scholar,” and even if you were, you’ve found yourself both overwhelmed by the number of sessions from which to choose and underwhelmed in finding a speaker who wasn’t trying too hard. You could take a look at this guide to the conference from the Association for Computers and the Humanities. It’s not a perfect solution, but if I get any time to go to any panels, I will probably consult this list.

By the way: someone posted a comment about meeting up at MLA. My “dance card” is already relatively full. I don’t have that many interviews, but I have a few, and I want to save some time to do some school work and to see the sights with my wife. Maybe I’ll see folks in San Francisco.

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