The "Nature" of electronic publishing (as seen in Nature)

See this web site, “Access to the Literature: The Debate Continues”, part of the web site for the scientific journal Nature. Now, but “literature,” they mean science (not Huck Finn), but I think the relevance to and potential for the humanities is obvious. To quote from the site:

The Internet is profoundly changing how scientists work and publish. New business models are being tested by publishers, including open access, in which the author pays and content is free to the user. This ongoing web focus will explore current trends and future possibilities. Each week, the website will publish specially commissioned insights and analysis from leading scientists, librarians, publishers and other stakeholders, as well as key links, and articles from our archive. All content is available free.

Interestingly enough, the web site seems a bit buggy to me– or maybe it’s just getting a lot of traffic, I’m not sure.

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