New Adventures in Dieting: Back on the wagon

-13 pounds

I know it’s just early August, but the summer is winding down for us. We don’t have a lot of “entertainment commitments” coming up (Annette’s parents are coming to town for a few days, and we might have some folks over one weekend before school starts, but that’s about it), I don’t think we’re leaving town again, and we’re going to have to start getting ready for school sooner than later. So it’s time for us to get “back on the wagon” diet-wise.

I’m back to -13 as of this morning, but that’s after being back to phase 1 (more or less) for a couple days. The Amanas in particular and Iowa in general was a fatty-fat adventure, and as I wrote before, it’s been kind of hard for me to think of myself as “dieting” at all since Hawaii. But Annette and I both realize the vacation food-wise is really over, and I think we both feel a bit better being back to the SB plan– or perhaps more accurately, our version of the SB plan.

My goal– highly over ambitious, I realize– is to be at -20 by the time school starts. That would be over 2 pounds a week, which strikes me as possible, but not probable. I can live with -16 or so though, so if I aim high, I’ll hopefully hit low.

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