Does this look like a bathing suit to you?

I’m starting to lose a little faith in Alton Brown here…

As I wrote way back in May, one of my favorite cooking guys, Alton “Good Eats” Brown, said he was going on a diet and that he was hoping to be down to 185 by the end of July, In fact, way back then on his blog of sorts called “Rants and Raves,” which is part of the universe, he wrote the following:

To keep me honest I make this promise: On July 30 of this year I will post a photograph on this web page of myself wearing nothing but a bathing suit.

Hmm. Some “bathing suit,” huh?

It seems to me that there are only two possible conclusions here. One possibility is that Alton is just too modest to pose in a real bathing suit for all the world to see. Anyone who has seen his show, one where he regularly makes a fool of himself in the name of food science, will tell you that Alton ain’t shy. The other possibilty in my mind is it that he didn’t come close to meeting his goal. Given that one of his most recent entries about the movie Supersize Me! has a sort of “so what?” conclusion about the fact that the food McDonalds serves is profoundly fattening.

Alton, Alton, Alton…

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