And I bet you thought there was nothing groovy or cutting-edge about Iowa

See this boing-boing TV interview with Ames’ native Leslie “ceWEBrity/gem sweater diva” Hall. Check out all the links on the entry here, too. Tell me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the oh-so-perfect interviewer/uber-cool boing-boing woman with the funny name, Xeni Jardin, seem a little weirded out by Hall?

Iggy Pop sings Madonna songs at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony

Here is the Ypsi Township native singing “Ray of Light:”

I think that MTV or VH1 is going to broadcast the show next weekend or something, but as the YouTube site tells it, Madonna apparently wanted Iggy and the Stooges to perform her songs instead of singing them herself, maybe because she thinks that Iggy and company have been snubbed by the Hall of Fame for too long, maybe she just wanted to do something different. The audience seems a little confused.

Rolling Stone and “The Dark Side of Oz”

I forgot the book I was planning on reading while at the gym, so I instead picked up a recent (current?) copy of Rolling Stone and thumbed through it while on the elliptical trainer.  Kinda fun to browse Rolling Stone about two or three times a year.

Anyway, there was a piece in there about Pink Floyd (I didn’t finish it, but it was a sort of “history of” kind of thing) and they mentioned a link on the web to infamous “Dark Side of Oz/Dark Side of the Rainbow” thing.   Basically, if you watch  The Wizard of Oz while listening to the Pink Floyd album “The Dark Side of the Moon,” you get this weird effect of things synching up.  I remember one time in Oregon, we tried this with some friends out there (sober, more less too), and I thought it was bullshit.

Well, I still do think it’s kinda stupid.  Still, these “mashups” on the Rolling Stone web site are kind of interesting.

The Police are trying to rob me

As a child of the 80’s and MTV and all the rest, I was and remain a fan of The Police. I even saw them in Cedar Falls, at the “UNI-Dome,” which used to have more shows than it does nowadays. When I was in high school, The Rolling Stones played there, so did The Who (I saw that show), REO Speedwagon (I know, but they were HUGE back then), and so forth.

So when I heard about the reunion tour The Police are going on this summer, I thought, “Hey, that might be kind of fun.” Annette is not as big of a fan as me, but I am sure she’d be up for it under the right circumstances, etc., etc.

So I looked with interest at the Ticketmaster page advertising tickets. So, for the show at The Palace, the “cheap seats” are $52.50; the middle seats are $92.50; the front row/on the floor seats are $227.50. Okay, fine– I know concerts cost a lot nowadays. But the only way you can buy tickets right now is if you join “The Police Fan Club,” and that costs $100 more.

$100?! To join a freakin’ fan club? Booo….