The Police are trying to rob me

As a child of the 80’s and MTV and all the rest, I was and remain a fan of The Police. I even saw them in Cedar Falls, at the “UNI-Dome,” which used to have more shows than it does nowadays. When I was in high school, The Rolling Stones played there, so did The Who (I saw that show), REO Speedwagon (I know, but they were HUGE back then), and so forth.

So when I heard about the reunion tour The Police are going on this summer, I thought, “Hey, that might be kind of fun.” Annette is not as big of a fan as me, but I am sure she’d be up for it under the right circumstances, etc., etc.

So I looked with interest at the Ticketmaster page advertising tickets. So, for the show at The Palace, the “cheap seats” are $52.50; the middle seats are $92.50; the front row/on the floor seats are $227.50. Okay, fine– I know concerts cost a lot nowadays. But the only way you can buy tickets right now is if you join “The Police Fan Club,” and that costs $100 more.

$100?! To join a freakin’ fan club? Booo….

3 thoughts on “The Police are trying to rob me”

  1. Oh, I didn’t like REO Shitwagon. They just played there. I didn’t go see them or anything like that…

  2. Since it has been awhile, if you are going to go see a concert, make sure you listen to Blue Man Groups “Time To Start” for instructions.

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