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After X-Mas in Florida

Normally, Christmas is an “every other year” thing with different sets of parents: one year we go to Iowa, the next year we go to Florida. But because of the way the holiday fell this year, because we decided to … Continue reading

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X-Mas in Iowa post (I couldn’t resist)

MY millions of loyal readers will recall that I said I wasn’t going to post until after the Christmas season, kind of in an effort to get away from teh Internets for a while. You can tell how well that’s … Continue reading

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Snow day sledding

Today was a snow day for pretty much every school in Southeast Michigan following the biggest snowstorm we’ve had around here in a number of years. Frankly, I thought the snow day thing was very unnecessary, at least in Ypsilanti. … Continue reading

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Pepper Nuts, the movie

I had been working on the movie that documented this year’s batch of “Pepper Nuts” off and on since I actually made the batch a couple of weeks ago, but I was inspired to finish it up because of this … Continue reading

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The movie version of “The Golden Compass” blows chunks (IMO)

We went and saw The Golden Compass this afternoon, and, as my subject line here suggests, I was disappointed. Warning to folks who don’t want either the movie or the book spoiled for them: spoilers after the jump. Tweet

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Thanksgiving roadtrop thoughts, the South Carolina edition

We’re in Columbia, SC to see family on the Wannamaker side of things. A few thoughts this morning: As you can see from the photo above, this hotel is a bit nicer than the place we stayed on the way … Continue reading

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A few misc. reflections from the Thanksgiving roadtrip

We’re on the road to South Carolina to see Annette’s relatives for the holidays. A few random thoughts before I go to bed: I do not enjoy driving in the rain. At all. I do not like driving in mountains. … Continue reading

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No postings = no news; but why not read about vinegar?

I just kind of realized today that I haven’t posted to my unofficial blog for quite a while. There’s been no particular reason for this lack of postings here, and I actually have been posting frequently enough on my official … Continue reading

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Halloweening 2007

Will had a trip back to the past this year for Halloween, returning to the knight look. It’s an outfit he got at the recent RenFest, by the way– so I guess it’s a multi-purpose outfit. At least I assume … Continue reading

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Earthquakes celebrate perfect record, sort of

Today was the last game for Will’s soccer team the Earthquakes (I guess mine too, since I helped out Jim K. with coaching and kid wrangling), and what a miserable game it was. We had to play the first game … Continue reading

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