CCCCs in St. Louis: Preview

Here’s a link to the Google Sites page I’ve set up for my CCCCs in St. Louis talk, Amateur Auteurs:  The Problems of Teaching and Assessing Multimedia in Writing Classes Amateur Auteurs: The Challenge of Producing and Publishing Multimedia Scholarship in Writing Studies.”  I’m setting it up on a Google Sites page mostly because I am curious to play around with the Google Analytics tracking stuff on this.  I’ll keep folks posted.

I am sure more is going to be coming soon, but for the time-being, I need to go pack and do a few other things to get ready for my trip.  It’s sort of a “surgical strike” this year at the CCCCs:  in Thursday and home by early afternoon Saturday.  It’s also unusual in that I’m not sharing a room with anyone purely for scheduling reasons.  My usual traveling companions left for the conference much earlier than I had planned, and all that meant I needed to make my own plans.  It’ll be nice to have that luxury though, I am sure.


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