A late entry into the C&W “Unconference:” Is there a there there?

After things didn’t work out with going forward with publishing the movie I made with some former grad students, I decided to go ahead and put it into the “Collaborvention 2011,” which is more or less the unconference/online portion of things that is along side the official Computers and Writing conference, which will be in Ann Arbor in a couple of weeks.

Our piece (I say “our” because it is based on the movie I collaboratively made with Dave, Carrie, and Andrea, though I put this part of things together myself) is called “Is There a There There? A Meta-Review and Meta-Analysis of a Meta-Performance Video.” Go check it out!

Besides what I wrote about our motives and what we’re looking for on that site, I have to say that getting this up online for some commentary and review from others (hopefully) is part of one of those “all things converging” moments in scholarship and practice.  Alexandra Juhasz has a really interesting article in Inside Higher Ed titled “A Truly New Genre.” It’s about her video book project Learning from YouTube— which also looks very interesting and cool– and the many problems of getting it published and making things “fit” into the conventional publishing process.  Heidi McKee and Danielle DeVoss have a call for contributions to an edited collection on “digital writing assessment” that I’m thinking about, and my CCCCs proposal is about the problem of “amateur” video (including ours) as a part of writing scholarship.  So lots of different angles on video for the next few months at least, I suppose.

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