NCAA Tourney in 3 parts

I’m actually playing 3 different NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament brackets this year:

  • For, I just picked the top seeds for everything without thinking about it.  I figure I’ll let someone else do the winning with their wise picks.
  • For the Earth Wide Moth tourney, I actually made some “real picks” to the extent that I’m able.  Nothing too radical, though I am picking West Virginia and Louisville to do well.
  • And for the two brackets I play with my father and the one I’ve been playing with my friend Bruce for at least 25 years, I picked at least one crazy upset:  my hometown’s own Northern Iowa (which I always knew as UNI as a kid) over Kansas in the second round. I realize the chances of this happening are very slim, but dang, if it does, I’ll look like a freakin’ basketball genius.

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