A good example of why correctness and handwriting still matter

This is on the BBC news radio as I type this:  “How does Brown’s handwriting compare with other PMs’?” talks about this a bit, but basically, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown sent a hand-written condolence letter to a mother who’s son was killed in Afghanistan, and it turns out the letter itself was filled with errors and exhibited terrible handwriting.  To quote from the article:

The spelling mistakes in Gordon Brown’s solemn letter to Jacqui Janes were not the only shortcoming, according to the bereaved mother.

In expressing his condolences for the death of Jamie Janes, who died in Afghanistan on 5 October, Mr Brown appeared to correct the soldier’s first name, as well as rushing the communique.

“I saw he had scribbled out a mistake in Jamie’s name,” Ms Janes told the Sun newspaper. “The letter was scrawled so quickly I could hardly even read it and some of the words were half-finished. It’s just disrespectful.”

I will say this: I at least give Brown credit for the effort of a hand-written note; I don’t think that happens in the U.S….

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