De-bumper sticker-ing

I spent far too much time taking the bumper stickers off the back of my Saturn IM001423today because we are getting ready to replace.  I say “too much time” because if I end up getting something for a trade-in, then the car dealership probably wouldn’t care about the stickers.  And if I sell it myself, the price-point will probably be low enough that the bumper stickers won’t make a lot of difference.

(As an aside:  I wasn’t even thinking about trying to sell it myself, but I was at a function this evening in which people were trying to tell me that I ought to give it a go on Craig’s List.  I don’t know what I can get for a trade-in, and that would obviously be the easiest solution.  But as one of these folks said, if it runs, it’s worth at least $1000, and I do think I could probably get more.  It really is still in pretty decent shape; if anyone out there is interested, let me know).

Anyway, I had a lot of bumper stickers back there, and it’s a shame I forgot to take a picture before I got down to work.  Most of them came off pretty easy, but some were, well, sticky.  So I was out there trying to scrape these off the remaining ones with a putty knife and/or a razor blade, when not one but two different neighbors (at different times) came by to ask what I was doing.  One is a neighbor I know pretty well, so it wasn’t that surprising he asked what I was up to, but the other was one I had never met.  I park my car on the street, so it is something of a landmark, so I guess it was noticeable that I was earnestly scraping away.

At the end, some old sticker remains– I wonder if it has something to do with the plastic of the bumper– but my main reaction was the back of my car looked, well, naked.  Like other normal cars.

We’ll see how the new car thing/selling the old car thing works out.  But I’ll tell you this right now:  whatever brand-spanking new car we get, I’m gonna put bumper stickers on it asap.

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