And just a brief word about Barney Frank

The above video is where Barney Frank asks a woman (who asked why he continues to support Obama’s Nazi policy on health reform) on what planet she spends most of her time and where he describes her as being a dining room table. As of right now, there are hundreds (thousands?) of articles out there that have headlines like “Frank fights back” or “Frank unleashed” or “Frank lashes out,” which kind of suggests in a way that he was either flying off the handle or taking some kind of risk in calling this nutjob a nutjob.

I actually think that Frank has done his political calculations quite accurately and he’s set an example for congresspeople across the country and on both sides of the aisle. I mean, what really is the chance that this woman (and other booing protesters at Frank’s town hall meeting) voted for Frank in the first place? What’s the chance that these folks would vote for him in the next election regardless of what he says? It seems to me that what Frank is really doing here (besides speaking the truth about these crazy people) is appealing to his base. Pretty shrewd, if you ask me.

2 thoughts on “And just a brief word about Barney Frank”

  1. Yea for Barney Frank. It’s about time someone with a spine stood up to these nutcases (dining room tables). Millions of people sincerely want universal health care, but we hear mostly about the nutcases who have been prompted by the insurance company-sponsored Republicans who dread universal health care because their lucrative financial support will end. This is the 40th anniversary of Woodstock so let’s try to restart that era of peace, love and community.

  2. Hey–we’ve got a nice new acronym–DRT. It’s shorter than nutcase, or nutjob, and can maybe be used covertly for a while. Maybe we should keep the first “i”, and then I could say, for example, “Krause is such a DiRT sometimes.” I like it. Now if only we can figure out a way to use the word for chicken sandwich in Danish somehow …

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