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This is one of those things I need to think about playing with for my online teaching:  Dimdim.com seems to be pretty interesting software for collaborative video conferencing online, and there’s even an education/virtual classroom option. Now, it might not be all that smart/great; for example, I am concerned that the educational option promotes the fact that classroom size has now been increased from 40 to 50 (um, hurray?).  But to help with my own online teaching and/or to help my students collaborate on projects, it seems to me this might be a pretty handy tool for 328, 516, 444, or just about anything else I teach online.

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  1. I’m glad to hear you’ll be trying out Dimdim. Our free web conferencing is for up to 20 people in the room, but we’ve recently introduced a referral program. If you refer people and they signup for a free account, you can increase the size of your Dimdim room.


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