The square-foot gardening continues

Square foot garden It’s been a pretty busy spring and summer this year, but we’ve still had time to have a fine and successful square-foot garden experiment on the side of the house. Back in mid-April, it was pretty much just a plot with dirt.  Now here we are in mid-July, and the garden is going mad.  Here’s a link to the set so far; a few highlights:

  • The peas Will and I planted from seed back in late April/early May have come and gone– we got two good meals worth of stir-fried snow peas (with other things, of course).
  • The lettuce was great too; I think we must have gotten at least a dozen salads out of that. We’re about to leave town tomorrow, but I think that Will and I are going to plant a mix of green beans and carrots after we get back.
  • And those tomato plants are freakin’ huge! We’ll see what the actual tomatoes look like though.

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